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PsychChild uses engaging videos to teach adults about the effects--and potential benefits--of screentimevideo games and social media on children’s mental health.

When used correctly, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Roblox, etc can promote great behavior at home and positive relationships within families. Learn more below!

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Ask/teach children's mental health colleagues about social media, video games, and screen time.


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Recent Stuff:

Beat Saber + Children's Mental Health 2 minutes

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Snapchat + Children's Mental Health 2 minutes

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When used correctly, video games and social media can improve children's social skills, their emotional wellbeing, and their relationships with the grown-ups in their lives. Our goal is to facilitate a dialogue between kids and grown-ups about the risks, benefits, and potential uses of screentime activities.

Roblox + Children's Mental Health 9 minutes

Fortnite + Children's Mental Health 2 minutes

TikTok + Children's Mental Health
in 11 minutes

Roblox + Children's Mental Health 2 minutes

Snapchat + Children's Mental Health 10 minutes

PsychChild Explorations

Each exploration below is an interactive graphic teaching about a particular video game or app, including mental health risks and benefits, recommended videos, resources and links, and a printable PDF .

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